Blizzard of Love – Chapter 11
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She woke with a big yawn and stretch, trying to work the soreness out of her muscles. Why was she so sore? And, she blinked, trying to focus her eyes, why was she in Jennifer’s living room?

It all came back to her – the storm, the electricity, the late-night talk – when Sticks took her movement as an invitation to give her cheek an early morning bath. He panted over her, a happy doggy grin plastered across his face, his doggy breath washing over her in waves.

She coughed, waving her hand in front of her face, trying to push the…questionable-smelling air away, when Luke said groggily, “Sorry. I keep meaning to brush his teeth.”

He sat up, pushing a thatch of hair away from his forehead with a yawn. He looked deliciously sleepy and she began regretting separate...

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