Blizzard of Love – Chapter 10
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As soon as Stetson had suggested that they all sleep in the living room to make it easier to keep them warm, Luke had known he’d be in trouble. Stetson was asking him to spend the night lying next to Bonnie, one of the most beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes on.

Who wore sexy red lace underwear – a sight burned into his brain for the rest of his life – and patiently talked a dog out from underneath the couch and doted on Carmelita like she was her own grandmother and listened when he rambled on about The Christmas and was so damn beautiful, it hurt just to look at her.

Not, of course, that this kept him from looking at her. In fact, he didn’t seem to be able to stop, even when he should.

She’d lain down and faced the other direction when they&...

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