Blizzard of Love – Chapter 9
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Stetson and Carmelita slowly became more coherent and along with it, Carma’s lips began to turn a light pink color, a sign of progress that made Bonnie want to cry with happiness. It had been so damn scary to see her literally frozen, a statue of ice and blue and stone. First Stetson and then Carma went and changed into dry clothes, trying to hurry the warming process along.

Luke excused himself to change also, and it was only then that Bonnie realized how frozen he must’ve been. When he stood up, she discovered that there was a large puddle at his feet from the melted snow. He hadn’t said a word of complaint the whole time he tended to Carmelita.

Jennifer hurried to retrieve more towels, these looking…distinctly less pristine than the first batch she’d brought in. “Ste...

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