Blizzard of Love – Chapter 5
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Luke awoke in a panic, jackknifing into a sitting position. He’d slept in! He’d better get up and get the horses fed. They were probably starving by now. And—

Oh. Right. I’m at Stetson’s house. For Christmas. On vacation.

Several different concepts that were completely foreign to him.

His nose twitched. Hold on, was that bacon and pancakes? He hopped out of bed, sucking his breath at the icy floor beneath his feet, and hurried into his clothes. If Carmelita had made breakfast, there was no way he was going to be late getting downstairs.

He thought back to the night before as he headed down the stairs. Was Bonnie going to continue holding it against him that he’d walked in on her? He just hadn’t expected to be sharing the guest bathroom...

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