Accounting for Love – Epilogue
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September, 2016

Sighing, she sat back down at the worn kitchen table that was covered with magazines, fabric swatches, brochures, and pictures. An only child, Jennifer’s mother seemed to have taken an almost unholy interest in the wedding plans and was driving down every weekend from Boise to “help” with the process. Six weeks into it, and Jennifer was already starting to go a little crazy.

The really good news was, Carmelita didn’t seem to mind the mess considering the reason for it. The bad news was, Stetson had become accustomed to Carmelita’s “normal” level of perfected cleanliness and the disarray had started to get to him. His barn could be a mess all day long, but the house was a whole different matter.

Truth was, this was really out-of-ha...

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