Accounting for Love – Chapter 44
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He was working the shovel, doing his best to dig out the curly dock while not jostling the thousands of seeds that were ready to drop at a moment’s notice. The fight against curly dock was a never-ending one, but since cows getting into a patch of it could be fatal, it was a war where he was never allowed to admit defeat.

“Stetson!” He heard Jennifer’s voice calling out, drifting on the wind. He looked up to see her in the distance, hurrying through the pasture as quickly as her legs would carry her, waving her arms frantically at him.

His nerves were instantly on edge. Whatever it was, it had to be important. She wouldn’t be running like her ass was on fire for anything less. Good important or bad important, he’d know in a moment. He swung his shovel up over...

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