Accounting for Love – Chapter 42
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Stetson looked up from the puzzle they were putting together to stare at the waterfall of hair opposite him at the card table. He loved watching her think. It was like watching a whole play take place, but he was the only audience member.

Probably the only time in his life he’d be able to afford such up-close-and-personal seats to a theatre production.

“Have you seen the chimney stack yet?” Jennifer murmured, her eyes scanning the pieces on the card table between them, biting her lower lip as she searched.

Biting her lower lip…it had to be the most distracting move Jennifer could make. Every time she did it, a bolt of pure lust shot through him. He wondered if she had any idea how enticingly gorgeous she was.

Scratch that. She didn’t. Not after how Paul had tr...

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