Accounting for Love – Chapter 41
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Three days. It had been three days of heaven in Stetson’s arms.

Except, it was quickly turning to hell as she stared down at the ledger in front of her. The tour of the farm had revealed a couple of tractors that were needed to harvest Stetson’s crops, cows that were already contracted to be sold to the restaurants in Boise, rolls of bailing twine and rusty bolts, an ancient tractor from the 1950s, fields of corn, hay, and wheat, and one adorable steer who was the property of Yesenia.

Well, and the tour revealed that as always, Carmelita was right. The farm was much larger than Jennifer had realized. Somehow, bland numbers on a page didn’t mean nearly as much as seeing the wide open spaces for herself. The farm had gone on for forever, it seemed, nestled up against the Goldfor...

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