Accounting for Love – Chapter 40
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After a restless night in bed where Stetson had to take his trusty companion out on yet another less-than-satisfactory date, he got up bright and early. He tried to work a little less on Sundays, if only so he didn’t get the death glare from Carmelita over it, but there were still chores that had to be done every day, no matter what.

After a quick shower, he headed outside to get water troughs filled and check on the wheat and corn. Everything was looking great, and for once, Stetson had a smile on his face that he just couldn’t wipe away. More than the cows and the crops, his whole life was looking fine. Jennifer hadn’t yet found that magic wand that would save the Miller Farm, but he had faith in her that she would. She was too damn smart not to. Or at least plead her way through...

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Table of Contents

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