Accounting for Love – Chapter 33
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Dinner was turning out to be a rather quiet affair. When Carmelita had come back downstairs, her arms full of laundry, she’d taken one look at Stetson’s eye and launched into him for daring to fight with Wyatt. Jennifer couldn’t help noticing that Carmelita had just assumed that the fight was with Wyatt, without even asking any questions first.

Smart woman.

Stetson had taken it all like a small child, only occasionally trying to interrupt and defend himself, but quickly realizing the futility of it and falling silent again.

Eyes bouncing between them like a spectator at a tennis match, Jennifer was pretty damn sure that this was a “discussion” the two of them had had more than once.

Hmmm…I definitely need to meet these brothers of Stetson’s. See why t...

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