Accounting for Love – Chapter 32
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“I swear, every time you go out to the barn, you come back bleeding. I’m not going to allow you to continue to go out there if this keeps up,” Jennifer joked as she dabbed at the cut over his left eye.

Wyatt had managed to land one really good punch during their tussle in the barn, damn him.

Stetson was feeling bad, but not because of the fight. He was actually feeling pretty good about that. Well, at least the part where he’d come out on top in a fistfight with Wyatt. That had never happened before, so yeah, that part felt good. Awfully damn good, if he was being honest with himself. Even if he’d had to punch Wyatt with his knuckles that he’d already hurt working on the tractor, he didn’t care.

But his jab about Shelly and Sierra dying – tha...

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