Accounting for Love – Chapter 31
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They pulled up in front of the house, and Stetson hurried around to help her out of the truck, eager to put his hands back on her body, even if he was excusing it by using the cover of politeness to get away with it. Anything to put his hands on her body – anything at all, at this point. Watching her come out of the dressing room at Frank’s in Wranglers, her ass shown off to perfection…

He held up his arms and she willingly moved into them. He swung her down to the ground, as surprised the second time as he had been the first. She was so light – like picking up a hay bale or a newborn calf. How was it that she could be a full-grown woman?

Or was she?

He stared down at her in horror for a moment, finally blurting out, “How old are you?” He...

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