Accounting for Love – Chapter 22
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Stetson shifted around, trying to find a comfortable place in his leather recliner. Usually super comfy, tonight he just couldn’t find a good spot. Everything was lumpy and wrong and the wooden frame was digging into him.

Determined, Stetson shifted again, ignoring whatever was happening on the TV. Some sort of sports was on, although under threat of death, he couldn’t begin to guess what it was, and didn’t care. It was just serving as his signal to the world (i.e., Carmelita) to leave him the hell alone.

Finally, he found just the right spot and sank in, letting the tension go just a little bit. Perfect. He was now in a great position to fully enjoy a nice wallow in his funk…

Which was when he heard a knock on the front door.

Stetson didn’t move. He wasn&rs...

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