Accounting for Love – Chapter 20
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He knew it. He’d been thrown off there for a minute by her bright green eyes and how adorably tiny she was, like a Barbie doll come to life, but it’d all been an act. He’d known better, but he’d let his dick convince him otherwise.

Never listen to his dick. If he ever chose to get a tattoo, that should be what it read. Dad would’ve told him that he was being a dick by tattooing that to his body, but then again, Dad up and died on him, so Stetson wasn’t real sure why he should care.

Abandoned, yet again, by someone who should’ve been there for him. His mom, his dad, Michelle, even his brothers…this farm was the only thing that was his, and here was this green-eyed asshole of a beauty, trying to take it away from him too.

Carmelita came...

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