Accounting for Love – Chapter 19
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Jennifer’s eyes flicked towards the bugling elk on the wall. 4:57…close enough. She’d been a good girl. She’d gotten lots done. She’d sorted through the last of the papers. She’d almost kissed a client.

Hmmm…maybe she’d leave that last part off her report.

She shoved her laptop into her bag and grabbed a stack of papers to work on in the hotel room. She could work on them over dinner, while watching another rerun of Home Improvement. Would Wilson show his face on camera today? She should watch, just in case. Cramming the receipts into the pocket of the computer bag, she lifted the strap over her shoulder just as her phone began to buzz with “Working Overtime.” Dammit. Greg.

At first, the ring tone had been a joke, but now,...

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Table of Contents

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