Accounting for Love – Chapter 16
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He wasn’t going to do it. He went to bed the night before, firm in the conviction that he wasn’t going to be around when Jennifer-the-Accountant-Definitely-Not-a-Banker-Maybe-a-Thief showed up to work. She knew how to find his farm, so she could get to work without him being there to watch her do it.

But, it was raining again – still? – this morning, having not stopped since the first drops began to fall early yesterday morning, so the mud was getting deeper and the gravel was getting more treacherous. She did drive a little Civic; it was possible that her car wouldn’t make it from town to farm without sliding into the borrow pit somewhere along the way. He should make sure that she made it to the farm safely before getting to work for the day. Right?

Why? So you can b...

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