Accounting for Love – Chapter 14
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After he helped Carmelita bring the groceries in from the car and let her cluck and worry over his hand, Stetson headed out the back door and down the best sledding slope in the county during the winter. Since it was most assuredly not winter, the hill currently was slippery and muddy and nasty, but he headed down it anyway. He’d hidden away in the barn for long enough. It was time to go check fences and make sure that his cows were where they were supposed to be. He could only ignore that for so long, no matter how miserable it was to be out in a rainstorm.

He got to the storage shed at the base of the hill and backed his four-wheeler out. As much as his friend Adam would hate to admit it, a four-wheeler was a farmer’s best friend, not a horse. A four-wheeler didn’...

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