Accounting for Love – Chapter 10
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So, he was kinda an asshole.

He knew it, and wasn’t surprised by it. He owned that title and ran with it…most of the time.

He’d intentionally taken his coffee outside that morning, ostensibly to enjoy the patter of rain on the covered porch and look out over his family’s farm, but in reality, because he wanted to see if the thief really would show up on time. He wanted to rub it in her face when she didn’t.

And even though she had been late, when she’d stepped out of her car and right into that giant puddle, he’d been entertained instead of pissed. He should’ve been mad that she was wasting time – not treating his case with the respect that it deserved. Instead…

Well, it was hard to be mad at a drowned rat, and especially a dro...

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