Chapter 6 - Dead Inside
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     She threw off her T-shirt revealing a lime-green racerback sports bra underneath. Next to go were her shorts, thereby showing off her “laundry day” underwear. She genuinely looked forward to wearing her “granny panties” because they covered her ass (leaving her wedgie-less) and provided a comfy, non-camel toe-y home for her “blessing”.

     Placing her right leg into the Levi’s jeans she had taken from her dresser, she quickly lost her balance, fell over and knocked her ass against the night stand. Flinching due to the mildly painful bump, she pulled herself up, regained her balance and managed to fully dress her lower half. 

    She was always unbalanced. Her mental state, physical state, emotional state. Hell, even her spiri...

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Table of Contents

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