Chapter Twenty-Three / The Deal
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Lucas refused to attend the dinner with the Daltons. Lexi decided not to insist and risk another run-in with the boys. She wanted to make a good impression with Ethan. Her wedding depended on her winning him over.

Lexi noticed the tension between Tessa and Ethan during dinner. They tried to avoid each other’s looks from across the table, but occasionally caught a glimpse from the other and maintained a glare for a few seconds before jerking their head in the opposite direction. She would probably have found their childish behavior entertaining, if not for the fact that Ethan held her future joy hostage.

As soon as the young lad was done eating, he requested permission to be excused. Lexi had other plans for him. “Ethan, could I speak to you alone?”

He responded curtly, “I don&...

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