Chapter Nineteen / Unexpected Ally
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Several days passed before Jesse healed enough to make the trek out to the Donovan farm to visit Lexi. He anticipated she would be upset, and he needed to clear up a few misconceptions. Hopefully, she had simmered down.

When he found his brother in her living room again, he was in no mood to deal with him. “Wes, go home. I need to talk to Lex alone.”

Wesley stood to challenge him. “I’m not going anywhere. You should be the one to leave now that Lexi and I are courting.”

Jesse could feel his blood start to boil. “Damn it, Lex! What the hell are you trying to pull with my brother?”

Wesley stormed over to confront him. “You will speak to Lexi with nothing but respect in front of me, do you hear? I won’t tolerate anything else. I don&rsq...

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