Chapter Six /Remembering
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Lexi slipped out the back door of the store when Cooper made a quick trip downstairs to prepare her some lunch. He found her at her house, kneeling over the blood stains on the floor where Luke had been shot. She would not stop crying.

His sister, Viola, was sent to the hotel to bring back her grandmother. Maggie burst through the door without knocking. Lexi rocked back and forth on Cooper’s bed with her knees bent, her arms wrapped tightly around them, and her head buried against her legs.

Maggie threw her arms around her granddaughter’s shoulders. “Lexi, dear, do you want to talk about your troubles.”

Lexi could barely speak. Her face was wet from the tears as she exposed her face. “I remember what happened.”

Maggie ordered, “Cooper, go find the sheri...

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