Chapter One / The Mistake
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Lukas Weston arrived at the train station more than fifteen minutes early. Luke, as everyone called him, proudly volunteered for the responsibility of escorting Lexi to their home. He anxiously awaited her arrival.

Luke took notice that Maggie was attractive for her age. His grandfather often complimented his wife and attended to her every whim. He showered her with love and admiration.

While giving Luke a brief description of Lexi, his step-grandmother explained that the girl favored her. He did his best to envision how she looked in his mind. Maggie depicted her granddaughter as a lovely young woman with hair a shade darker than her own and bright green eyes. The gorgeous creature who exited the train matched the information given to him earlier in the day.

Luke had never seen a girl so exquisit...

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Table of Contents

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