Chapter III (2)
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startling the nesting pair of painted storks at the other end of the pond. They flew up, cackling in anger as the buffalo majestically ambled out of the pond.

Gopi sat down on the grass, wiping imaginary sweat off his forehead and laughed out loud.

“That buffalo will be the death of me! Now I’m going to feel so tired, I won’t be able to enjoy the puja. Oh look, it’s almost dark. We’ll have to run if we want to reach on time.”

Indeed, across the fields, the sky was turning a deep purple as we walked with the buffalo following us. I looked back at the thicket with the pond. Darkness had almost hidden it from view and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“Tell me Somu, do you really like this Thakurji?”

As I hesitated, Gopi he...

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