Chapter II (2)
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profusion next to the few heads of orange lilies. Spiderwort with its brilliant blue flowers flourished next to a family of attractive goldenrods.

The little show of flowers was lit up by the waning sun and I thought how well it looked.

The lawn was smooth with thick springy grass waiting to be mowed.

There they were – Mrs Aich and the parrot Mitthu. I helped her carry in the tray with two tea cups and a plate of biscuits. The parrot picked up a biscuit daintily and pecked at it, staring at me all the time.

Really, I was quite entertained with the parrot’s antics as I took the tea cup and sipped slowly.

Mrs Aich exhaled with pleasure, “That’s the best tea I’ve ever had! I hope you like it.”

I nodded enthusiastically, wanting to f...

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