Chapter I (C)
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in an idle moment during the ten minute break. It was just half time, there was still the rest of the match to go.


"Hey! Enjoying the game?" Ali ran up, wiping his forehead with a particularly dirty rag. He was panting, but his wolfish grin showed how much fun he was having.

I shrugged while gulping down water from the bottle that Ali held out.

"Somu, check out their defence Percy. He's really the one to watch," warned Ali sprinting away.

After a dull twenty minutes, the crunch came. I spied the ball coming at me and took a flying leap to catch it. I had saved the goal! There were claps and someone whistled. My team came and hugged me.

And almost without being able to help it, I began to pay more attention as Percy dribbled the b...

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