From the Realm of the Impossible
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I walk the path of light while wrapped in shadows.

I walk in the shape of the panther, the coyote, the rabbit.

My spirit merged with nature, wild, unpredictable, endless.

My mind diluted in their senses.

The panther, my sister.

The coyote, my brother.

The rabbit, myself.



A Nahual was a shapeshifting shaman, a human with the power to transform either spiritually or physically into an animal form, Most often, the nahualli (plural of nahual) would transform into a jaguar or a puma, which the Aztec considered sacred animals. Most commonly, though, they would shapeshift into a donkey or a bird, a dog or a coyote, in order to do their binding.

Alternatively, nahualli could also allow an animal spirit to r...

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Table of Contents

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