The Maker of Rivers
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Colossal, a boom, boom, boom announces it’s coming.

The seven tribes await its arrival—some tremble, some cry, a few stand proud.

They know it’s hungry. They know it’s strong. They also know that their survival depends on its death.


Said to be a colossal crocodile-like monster with three pairs of legs, eyes huge and wide, a wide round head and mouth of a frog, the Whowie, by dragging its tail, it could create riverbeds as it walked. That's why, in many ancient tales, the Whowie is credited with the creation of the River Murray, in the Riverina district of Australia.

Despite its large size, the Whowie was an ambush predator, often sneaking up on its prey in the dead of night, able to drag away and consume its victims in...

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Table of Contents

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