Stinks That Kill
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Poor little creature, so very alone.

Poor little beast, crying for love.

If only the world were to know,

that your heart is broken.

If only they could forgive you,

perhaps one day the smell would be gone.


A creature that, if legends are true, enjoys a wide distribution in the Amazonian Region, from the Orinoco in Venezuela down the Amazon River in the south and up to Pará on the east. In Nheegatu, the language commonly known as Língua Geral Amazônica, its name can be translated as  Tapir Water-Lady or Tapir Nymph. 

Habitat-wise, the tapirê-iauara prefers slower-moving waters, near mangrove or palm trees, and avoids human settlements. In the past, fear of this creature forced locals out of many nutr...

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Table of Contents

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