The World Sinks Under His Tears
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Hungry the ogre waited, his four massive legs weak from the lack of food. Is not that the ocean was empty of fish, for the slippery creatures swim as abundant as ever. And there was abundant prey in the land as well, from juicy capybaras to millions of rats. The problem wasn't an absence of kill but that he solely craved a child to dine.


Many of the oral narratives of the Aónikenk people—indigenous people from South America, Argentina and Chile—are filled with creatures, both real and mythical. One of the most interesting mythical creatures contained in their bestiaries is the Okpe.

The Okpe is described as a massive, quadrupedal ogre that looks like a pig made of solid rock. In ancient times, when the Okpe still roamed the land, the Aónikenk...

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