All Cold and Despair
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His heart was hard, cold, nothing but a shell.

His hunger was deep, dark, night taking form.

Steps behind you, following you around in the harsh winter.

He will kill you. But death is not the end.

He wants your shape. Your memories. The warmth of a well lived life.

But what he wants the most, is those who you love.



Appearing in myths from the Great Lakes and regions north and west, told by the Cree, Algonquin, Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq peoples, among others, the nature of the Wendigo varies wildly. However, there are two common threads to this mythical figure: Cold and Hunger.

The Wendigo, a supernatural being from the forests of the Northern United States and Canada, it’s said to be half specter, half beast who...

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Table of Contents

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