Footsteps Swallowed By the Sea
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She follows the footsteps wishing to see the miracle, the moment the killer of the lands becomes the deadlier being in the sea.

There's only one certainty: Death.

But there are many ways to die.

She wishes to die by its deathly strike. An honored death. The only honor left to her.



In the folklore of the Inuit Yup’ik people, A kak-whan-u-ghat kig-u-lu-nik, generally anglicized as Akhlut, is a vicious orca whale with the ability of therianthropy (i.e., metamorphosing into other animals by means of shapeshifting but without changing the fundamental nature of its being). When prey in the ocean is scarce, it changes from an orca into a wolf  and hunts on land.

These creatures inhabit the coastlines of the Bering Strait, w...

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