Celestial Creature, Smeared Reputation
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They saw you, magnificent in flight.

They fear the fight your image will inspire.

They turn you into a twisted image of their own hearts.

Dark and evil.



Descriptions of Amaru, a formidable mythological creature from Andean folklore, are not consistent among written records. Though they always include some snake-like traits and most often wings. In a few tales, Amaru is described as a two headed snake of massive proportions—one head is a puma, the other head a llama. In other tales, those that seem to better describe the pictograms created before the arrival of the Spanish, Amaru’s serpentine body is covered in colorful feathers (similar to Quetzacoatl), but the long tail has fins like those of a fish and the head is that of a lla...

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Table of Contents

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