No One Should Know the Pain of a Lover's Betrayal
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She was as beautiful as the stars of a cloudless summer night. Her eyes sparkled. Her long hair cascaded down her back, as thick in between his fingers as the finest velvet. He had thought he loved her, but perhaps it was lust. Anyone would understand him for that. The color of her skin was rich and dark, so it was wrong. Wrong for his ambitions. Wrong for his church.

There was another, not as beautiful as her. Not as clever as her. Not as strong as her. But the other was white, so it was right.

He left her that night, naked in what had been their bed for so long. She had woken alone. Only a deep seeded fury to make her company.

She had done no wrong. But they had punished her. Well, she will punish them back.


A mythological creature...

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