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When I share elements of my story with others - what I have survived, both in terms of life-and-death situations, as well as the deeply personal, yet universal trials of heartbreak and trauma, and the life I now live in freedom - the number one question I hear in response is:


How did you do it?


And the second question, which inevitably follows:


When are you going to write a book about it?


This series is my response to those questions, a way of sharing with you what I have learned in the countless moments when I have faced a fundamental choice… a choice we all face, every day, in some form or another. It is the choice between authenticity and abandoning ship. In this case, the ship is you, and the helm is your heart… and how often do we all cave in the face of adversity, let go of the wheel, and completely forget who we are?


The choice to stand tall or play small can sometimes be obvious, but more often it is subtle, surreptitious, and elusive… and thus, when challenges and potentially painful situations come knocking on our door, more often than not we end up opting for auto-pilot instead of actively investing in our own growth, autonomy and well-being.


This series is a challenge to the widely-held belief that being grounded in ourselves, centered in our relationships, and stable in our response to life’s storms is entirely dependent upon circumstances, other people, our past, our fears, our failures, or worst of all - our ability to perform.


All of those things pull on us, and put pressure on us. To be alive is to be subjected to an infinite number of turbulent forces that seem beyond our control and strangely irresistible in their power to push us off-course.


But what if a greater force exists? A force that does not change with time or space, one that is immune to circumstance, yet flexible enough to meet us where we are, to steady us in the very moment we feel the earth give way beneath our feet: a force capable of keeping us on course, at ease within ourselves and at peace with the world, no matter what...


The answer to all this is what brings me to the page, to be in this place with you here and now. There is a true north waiting for you - a force that is far greater than any other you have known. And once you find it, no amount of darkness, fear or failure can ever keep you down.


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