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flashlight beam, Keira peered into the hole and startled at the sight of a wide grin, teeth caught in grimace; frozen for eternity.


The beam wavered, darting over a corpse, sunken skin stretched over a skeletal frame, greasy blonde hair lacquered to his head. Likely male, and obviously dead for a very long time.

“Frank, get me outta here,” Keira grabbed at his arm. The flashlight jumped, skittering over yellowed remains and sunken flesh, tendons and bones standing in sharp relief.

Then she saw his hands. Each fingertip was worn down to well past the knuckle, and the nubby remains streaked with dried blood.

She let out a long scream.


Standing in the kitchen, Keira burst into tears; Frank stood awkwardly patting her shoulder while she blubbering into...

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