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with it.

As she watched the pigs, she thought maybe he was right. She wasn’t cut out for farming. Just the thought of sending the pigs out to slaughter –

Suddenly, a pig turned, swiping its neighbour with sharp teeth. Squealing exploded in the pen as two now turned toward the one, chasing and cornering the victim; broad bulk collided. The pig screamed as its shoulder was torn open, ears ripped and tail chewed, blood streaming down rippling flesh.

“Hey – you leave him alone!”

The pigs ignored her.

Keira stared in horror, and then glanced around for a stick or rock. Nothing.

Patting her pockets, she pulled out the garden trowel, and threw it, striking a pig in the side. It turned, grunting and nosed the air, as though trying to figure out where the att...

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