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Keira rolled over, twisting in cheap motel bedsheets. Beside her, Zeus snored, and stretched out on the comforter. Midmorning sunlight crept into the room.

How late had she slept? She glanced at her phone. 10:30 – and check out was in half an hour. Groggy, she sat up, and scrolled through her phone. Text from Frank, asking if they were still on.

Maybe he was at the farmhouse already. He did say morning.

Keira stumbled out of bed and hastily splashed water on her face, washing with hotel soap, and brushed her teeth with a toothbrush purchased at the motel clerk’s desk last night; a nice silver-haired lady who had asked her if she had any luggage that she needed help carrying.

Keira had glanced down at her empty hands and vowed to pick up some of her belongings when she...

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