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around. “Zeus, c’mere, boy!”

The undergrowth swayed, and Keira felt a moment of dread – anything could be coming toward her. She backed up neared to the car, her hand on the door handle.

A black and tan face burst out of the bushes, froth clinging to his muzzle. Wide-eyed, the dog circled in front of her, pacing and eyeing the undergrowth on the opposite side of the road.

Keira reached out and grabbed his collar.

She looked up at a snap in the undergrowth, and then another, and another, leaves rustled as enormous bulk eased through the bushes. No way – it was coming for her. Legs trembling, Keira fell back, sagging against the car, the door handle still in her free hand.

They were done.

Zeus whined.

Suddenly coming to her senses, she...

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