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Keira stood at the top of the basement stairs, watching Frank brace his hands against the cinderblock walls, heading down. He sniffed audibly, “Smell’s getting worse, you might need to rip out that wall, see if something died behind it.”

Then the smell hit her. Shit and rot mixed together. Sweet sour smell of the primate house.

“You might want to come down here, check it out,” he called. “I’m still not seeing anything.”

Standing with her hands braced against the cinderblock walls, Keira closed her eyes. Image of an enormous shape, indistinct form bursting though wooden partition filled her mind. Ratlike tail, yellowed teeth bared.

“Uh, Keira, are you coming down?” Frank called.

She willed her feet to move. Her palms flat against the ro...

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Table of Contents

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