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“Goddamnit,” Kiera twisted the taps on the kitchen sink. Murky red liquid spattered out. So much for doing dishes.

Thick red liquid oozed, dropping in clots and spattering onto the rusted sink. Add a total plumbing overall to her list of things to do around here – it just kept getting longer and longer.

Keira strained, struggling with the rusty taps, before finally shutting them off.

Time to take a break anyway. Cracking open a bottle of water, she leaned against the countertop and scrolled through her phone.

Pictures of quaint farmhouses and rustic décor ideas swept past; all decorating ideas she’d stockpiled on Pinterest. Sleigh beds and wrought iron frames with vintage quilts. Oak tables stretching across the kitchen, perfect for family meals and baking on.


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Table of Contents

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