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a lot of work. And here that farmer was telling her how dangerous they were too.

Suddenly she realized how quiet it was. “Tad, honey, where are you?”

The dog glanced up at her, black and tan face looking puzzled.

“Tad – Tad,” Keira walked toward the front window, staring out. The maple tree cast deep shade across the lawn, his toys lay scattered beside it. But no Tad.

A faint shadow rippled across the glass, and then was gone before she could barely register it. Clouds moving across the sky, she thought, and turned back to the kitchen. “Tad, where are you? No more hiding on Mommy.”

One of the bottom cupboard doors slowly swung open; for a moment, Keira stood frozen, struck by dread; something was there; neither dead nor alive, carrying the stenc...

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