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Purse over her shoulder, Keira stepped out onto the porch and stood watching Tad chasing the dog across the field; wild grasses waving in the afternoon sunlight. This is why we’re here, she thought. A boy and his dog; fresh air, country living.

Too bad the house was so weird.

She tried to reason with herself. The basement noises were probably sounds of the house settling. Or some weird ultrasonic sounds like what happen in caves. Or maybe just a strange echo of their footsteps inside the house.

And to top it all off, she’s freaking herself, imagining things that aren’t there.

But those claws, they seemed too real; worn nubs ground down to bloodied pulp, scratching their way through –

Stop it – Keira pulled out her phone. Time to call an exterminator, th...

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Table of Contents

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