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wandered across the yard, and four pigs lazed in the paddock. Eggs and bacon, she thought to herself, and a hellova lotta work. Still, if she could make this happen, it’d be her dream come true.

As she approached the paddock, the pigs grunted and bumped against the fence, the wood swaying beneath their weight. Add fence repair to her list of jobs to do around here.

She paused to watch the pigs rooting, pushing broad snouts through the mud, and looking for food. They’d already gone through a sack of feed, she’d have to talk to Joe about ordering more; or maybe she was doing it wrong, feeding them too much.

Pigs bumped together, grunting contentedly; then one pig turned abruptly toward its neighbour, biting an exposed flank. Squeals erupted from inside the pen, and blood spattered acro...

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