Chapter Two - Challenge
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Chapter Two - Challenge

     Over the next couple of hours, Wicked relentlessly worked on Bertha, hoping to get her operational. Without her, the plan would inevitably fail and the crew would be left to defend the ship the old-fashioned way. Brute force. They could handle any ship easily enough one on one, but with a claim this size, Anders was expecting several non-friendlies to arrive and make an attempt on the starship. They needed a better plan, and Bertha was it.

     Ciris and Kanor spent the time checking the suits and fitting Severn for hers, while Jones and Anders collected eight Whistling Slingers, discovering that only six were in good working condition. When Anders asked Wicked to fix them, Wicked calmly replied, “Pick between Bertha and the two Sli...

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