Little silver microphone
By Daniel J. Flore III
11/1/16 Flooded Hills
11/1/16 I would like to wake up in the ocean
11/1/16 When I had the ice cube trays half filled
11/10/16 El Diablo
11/11/16 Dawn through open windows
11/11/16 Responsible
11/14/16 Guided Imagery Tour and Rigor Mortis Martinis
11/14/16 She was goldenrod
11/14/16 Last day at the hotel-notation
11/21/16 By the white paint bubble on the bedroom wall
11/21/16 Southern Hemisphere And Your Toenail Polish Is Chipping
11/21/16 The Phone Ringing
11/29/16 Schmuck Road
11/30/16 The Bipolar Express
12/3/16 Sky Eyes As I Rest Before The Long Walk Home
12/4/16 Into My Little Town
12/7/16 If Tracy Chapman was my aunt
12/8/16 Open Letter (language)
12/9/16 Hummingbird
12/18/16 I hated Tamaqua
1/5/17 Accidental Phone Pic At Shady Meadow Brooke Apts.
1/5/17 Crossing the intersection of myself
1/29/17 Old Kitchen Table
3/6/17 Date Night At Sands Casino