Literal Street
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Arthur, an ageing accountant acts aimlessly. Brilliant Betty burned broken books.
Clever Celia called Clark's Cat, Claire. Daring ducks dodge dumb drivers. Entrepreneur, Edith exercised economically.
Fred's feathers float freely for fame.
Greg grinds golden gems guiding good geese. Hail Harriet: Holy Hairdresser.
Issac is inside icy interior.
Jack's jelly jinxed Jamaican jam.
Kay kept knight's kisses.
Liam lied low listening loudly.
Milly moved mountains milking meat. Neville never named nerds.
Old Oliver ordered operations.
Penny Price played patient Princess Poppy. Roy Rodger really rhymes right.
Sweet Sally Smith sells soothing songs.
Tia told Tom that Todd's tail tickled Thailand.
Ursula's universe urged use. Vivian's velvet vegetables: violet....

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Table of Contents

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