The Wolf’s Sentence
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My cubs think I'm a fool.
How could Grandma Hood be so cruel? I was never prepared for a duel.
I was nothing but a mere tool...
For the Hood family's get rich quick scheme. Little Red Riding Hood got all the cream.
I only wish it were all a dream,
I should be in Jamaica eating Ice-cream.
Now all I want to do is gaze at the moonlight. And howl all the way through the night.
Now nothing seems to be right.
Knowing my fate is quite a fright.
I felt sorry for my mother;
I'm in the same prison as my brother. He always was such a bother,
And a menace like no other.
His horrific crime
Was one that would be remembered for all time. It was worse than any kind of grime
And it contained no slime.
Three little pi...

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