The Wolf’s Deal
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A glamorous deal I couldn't refuse: Grandma hood was saving up for a cruise. She couldn't find anyone willing to help.
I volunteered so she wouldn't yelp.
This was when it all started to become real. Her crazy ideas formed into one big deal.
“I'm off she says in a puff.
“Just so you know, it will be tough.
There will be lots of money for me,
Don't worry. you too, will have lots of money.
“I will fake my death,” Grandma Hood says boldly. “I had to make my will up quickly!”
I raised an eyebrow.
I could see her devious eyes glow. “I don't understand
Are you leaving England?”
Grandma Hood said, “I'm waiting to be picked up by Mr. Cruise.
He will be taking me to Bruges.”<...

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