The Green Alphabet
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Avocado alligators munching on apples.
Celery bugs discover broccoli.
Celadon cactus above the cabbage pack.
Dark diabolical poisons in disguise;
Emerald envy in their eyes.

Forest frogs escape the fungus.
Grasshoppers greet the grapes.
Harlequin hills hide herbs.
Irish clovers avoid the ivy.
Jade jungles raise jalapeños.

Kiwi Kakapo tweets for kale.
Lime lizards lick lettuce.
Mint moss begins to mould.

Nature notices falling nuts.
Olive oregano fear ogres.
Pepper parrots peck pears.
Queenly quiff shakes a quince.

Reeds and rocks beneath a rainbow.
Shamrock snakes sniffs seaweed.
Turquoise turtles tickle trees.
Unripe bananas under the uakari's foot.

Viridian vegetabl...

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Table of Contents

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